Movie Night: An Economical and Fun Family Event

In today's challenging economy, many families are searching for activities they can enjoy together as a family, without the need to spend a lot of money. While going out to see a movie can be a beloved pastime for many people, it can often end up being very expensive, particularly if you have got a large family or if you want to enjoy extra treats such as popcorn and soft drinks. Despite the fact that viewing a matinee can help somewhat with the expense, an afternoon spent at the movie theater may still break the family entertainment budget.

Have Fun with a Movie Night with Your Family

Instead of spending money to take your whole family to the theater, try instituting a family movie night. This can actually be more fun than going to the theater, because there is virtually no end to the various movies you can choose from, whether they are on television, DVDs or even on VHS tapes. If you want to watch an assortment of movies, then try letting all of your family members take turns picking which movie to watch. Home videos are always a pleasurable thing to watch as well- maybe a birthday party you taped or some fun vacation reminiscences. You can make your night as simple or as detailed as you want to. As an example, one family might enjoy simply sitting on the couch with a big tub of popcorn, while the children in your family might have fun with setting up a popcorn stand inside your home and selling snacks to the family members. Your children might also enjoy making the tickets for the show as a fun craft. You may even get so wound up in the fun you are having that you forget that you're not spending very much money.

Protecting Family Movie Night Remembrances

When an opportunity like this comes up to capture precious memories, do not pass it up. Take pictures of everyone watching the movie together, or of the children popping popcorn and pouring drinks for movie snacks. If the children make movie posters, movie tickets, programs or other "movie paraphernalia," you owe it to yourself to save a couple so that you will be able to look back one day and enjoy the memories. Shadow box picture frames hung up on your walls are a great way to display all of your fun mementos. You could start a tradition of making one framed photo collage with things from each movie night, displaying them on the wall just like movie theaters display movie posters. For instance, a movie ad cut from a magazine, combined with a handmade movie ticket stub, perhaps a used candy box, and several family pictures of everyone enjoying the film together can be organized in a creative fashion in a single picture frame. Someday when your kids are all grown up you'll look fondly back at this day and the memories it holds. Plus, your kids will also enjoy looking back at these mementos when they are older.

You'll see what a good time you can have with your family when you use these ideas for your own family night.


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